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George Moore   georgemoore1@comcast.net
05-13-2020 9:12:44 AM EST

For Sale or Rent, Lot#19. 1BR, full lanai, outdoor patio and fenced yard, nice front porch

George Moore   georgemoore1@comcast.net
05-13-2020 9:09:14 AM EST

Hi 1 BR available for sale,, Unit#19. Unit is nicely furnished, priced at $26,500

Wendy Gannon   wkg0222@gmail.com
04-29-2020 9:32:31 PM EST
Hi. Single, local working female looking to buy small mobile. I can be reached at 239-785-7008. Thank you!

Carl   Cegar27@gmail.com
04-29-2020 8:40:26 AM EST
I am looking to rent 20-21 season. (Nov-April). Please respond with availability and rates.

Michael   beachbummm76@yahoo.com
03-27-2020 8:00:34 AM EST
Greetings to all and pray everyone is staying healthy in the midst of this horrible virus. I am looking for a full-time place to buy and would welcome pictures you may have.

Kim   positivekjw@yahoo.com
03-19-2020 8:27:46 PM EST
We are looking to purchase a home, do you have anything for sale? Non smoker, no pet.. Please advise and thank you

Linda Smith McGinty   Lindastrader65560@yahoo.com
03-08-2020 11:34:12 PM EST
We are looking for a rental 01/21, we would need a king size bed, also pet friendly (small)

Jim Heins    Jhunts57@yahoo.com
03-01-2020 4:59:37 PM EST
My wife and I are looking to rent for February 2021 for the month. Non smoking couple no pets .

Betty Ann Chennell   Babm@ns.sympatico.ca
02-20-2020 11:20:02 PM EST
Unit 161, 6th Terrace (sold Oct. 2019)

Patricia   pstranahan@aol.com
02-15-2020 5:06:24 PM EST
We are interested in renting a 1 or 2 bedroom for a month starting Febuary 18, 19,or 20. Currently staying with my sister, Shellpoint resident (2 week limit on staying there) Stay up upon the 2st. We are a very healthy, clean, active 80 year old former military couple needing to stay for appointment at VA Lee Medical center during March.Did I mention we are ballroom dancers? email pstranahan@aol.com

Louise Vanek   louiseszabo117@gmail.com
01-04-2020 12:04:30 PM EST
Looking to rent a 2 BR unit for the months of Feb & Mar 2020. Hoping there might be a last minute cancel we can take advantage of. I can be contacted via cell at 216.403.0131.

Debbi Hall   Dreburng@yahoo.com
10-31-2019 11:20:44 AM EST

I forgot to put the lot # in my for sale message below. It is Lot 153. More pictures are available on request.

Debbi Hall   Dreburng@yahoo.com
10-30-2019 4:05:52 PM EST

Priced to sell! 1 bedroom, 1bath completely furnished home with lots of windows!! Separate living room and kitchen, screened porch, laundry room with stackable washer and dryer. $16,000. To view, contact Brenda or Doug (in the office.)

Sonya   Sonyavdz@gmail.com
10-27-2019 3:20:34 PM EST
Still looking for a short term rental in February or March. Will consider any amount of time you have open. Several friends currently in the park that can verify your place will be well taken care of. Email or call 616-218-6384

Doug Lefton   douglefton@hotmail.com
09-22-2019 5:36:21 PM EST

FOR SALE: Spacious 2001 doublewide Skyline on lot #7 on 1st Terrace. 2 BR and 2 baths. Porch added to the front and large shed added in back. Carport. Original owner. Partially furnished. Comes with fridge, washer and dryer. For more info douglefton@hotmail.com.

Dennis Jones   jej3@indiana.edu
08-27-2019 3:28:16 PM EST
Looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom for January-April for non-smoker, no pets. Pass my email along please and thank you!

Margaret Crilley   mcrilley1@cogeco.ca
08-21-2019 4:59:42 PM EST
Hi: Looking for a mobile to rent for the month of February 2020 for 2 non smoker adults. No pets. Parents, brother and uncle had mobiles there for years. Loved going there to visit and rent. Both seniors. Please contact mcrilley1@cogeco.ca Thank you

Jim & Deb   Jhunts57@yahoo.com
08-21-2019 3:18:14 PM EST
My wife and I are looking for a unit to rent for February 2020

Jack and Joyce Hoekstra   hoekj@hotmail.com
08-03-2019 12:43:56 PM EST
My wife and I have just purchased Site 34 on .2nd Terrace. This is a four year old, double wide with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths and an enclosed porch in the front. It has a carport. We would like to rent it out for September 15 through January 8. For more information or photos, please contact us at hoekj@hotmail.com

Mike and Linda Pyell   mikepyell@yahoo.com
07-20-2019 3:01:32 PM EST
My wife and I are wanting a home to rent November,December,January and February. Non smokers and no pets.

RANDY DAMMON   rdammon6@msn.com
07-14-2019 8:10:59 PM EST
My wife and I are looking for a unit to rent for January 2020. Non-smokers.

Doug Lefton   douglefton@hotmail.com
07-06-2019 1:53:34 PM EST
FOR SALE: Spacious 2001 doublewide Skyline on lot #7 on 1st Terrace. 2 BR and 2 baths. Porch added to the front and large shed added in back. Carport. Original owner. For more info douglefton@hotmil.com.

Don Shoultz
06-27-2019 6:16:16 PM EST
Dianne passed away earlier today surrounded by her family and friends who all benefitted from her life of caring. She loved Iona Ranch and the ocean, and especially the friends she made there. Her fierceness and determination will be missed by all who knew her. Thank you all for your love and support. There will be a memorial on July 14 in Waterloo, Iowa.

Betty Ann Chennell   babm@ns.sympatico.ca
05-20-2019 4:05:39 PM EST
Unit 161 6th Terrace...….. for sale one bedroom with queen sized futon in lanai and a queen pull-out in the living room. Asking $17,500 for pictures or more info email-Betty Ann at babm@ns.sympatico.ca or phone Brenda at office 239 466-0440

Sonya   Sonyavdz@gmail.com
05-14-2019 2:13:57 PM EST
Looking for 2 BR, one month rental in February or March 2020, or 4 consecutive weeks. Several friends/references in park. Please email sonyavdz@gmail.com or text 616-218-6384

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